Marcus Smart dead wrong against Cavaliers

Marcus Smart just signed a 4 year 52 million dollar deal with the Boston Celtics. He has a career average of 9 points 3 rebounds and 3 assists. However, the Celtics didn’t resign Marcus Smart for his scoring ability. It was his defense and toughness that the Celtics admired. Smart’s toughness was on full display last night when he got into it with Cleveland’s Cavalier veteran guard JR Smith.

With just over three and a half minutes left in the first quarter, and the Cavaliers up 18-12. Aron Baynes and JR Smith got tangled up by the basket. When the two untangled, Smith aggressively shoved Baynes from behind.

Now judging by the footage all the players (from both teams) was trying to defuse the situation. That’s all the players with the exceptions of Marcus Smith.
Instead of trying to break up the incident, Smart chose to instigate it. By pushing Jr Smith from behind and having to be held back by two teammates.

Now for the record, I’m all for teammates standing up for each other. But last night incident was uncalled for. Firstly Aron Baynes is 6ft 10 260 pounds, and it’s hard to believe that Baynes needs some help with Jr Smith. Besides as stated the situation was being deescalated. It was Smart who decided to keep things going and make matters worst.

Smart was quickly ejected from the game. Afterward, he told a reporter

“I told [Smith] to come back to the back,” said Smart, who fidgeted throughout his emotional two-minute interview with reporters and at one point addressed the camera directly.“All that on the court, we can handle that off the court. I ain’t with that. And that’s on my mama, may she rest in peace. Ain’t no punk right here. On my mama, may she rest in peace. That s— dead, so. Whatever happens, happens. J.R. knows where I’m at. Everyone knows where I’m at. It is what it is.”

Which is exactly what the Boston Celtics isn’t trying to hear from someone who they just invested in. Bottom line Marcus needs to grow up! The 54 million that the Celtics gave him was very generous for a role player and I just hope Marcus doesn’t forget that he needs the NBA and the NBA doesn’t need him.