Rajon Rondo joins los Angeles Lakers

Rajon Rondo and the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a one year 9 million dollar deal. The 11 year NBA veteran played for the New Orleans Pelicans last season and averaged 8 points and 8 assists for them. The Lakers outbid the Pelicans to obtain Rondo services. However with the additions of Lebron James, and Lonzo Ball already on the roster. It’s hard to figure out exactly where Rajon Rondo fits into the Lakers equations.

The Lakers have also renounced the rights to Julius Randle. Making him an unrestricted free agent. According to several reports once Los Angeles signed Lebron James it became apparent to Randle that resigning him was no longer a priority. That’s when Randle camp informed the Lakers that he no longer wanted to be part of their organizations, and ask that the team renounced his rights.

With Randle gone. The Lakers now have 5 million dollars in cap room.  If  Los Angeles decides to waive and stretch Luol Deng remaining salary. That could clear up to 16 million of cap space for the Lakers.