Tristan Thompson Has Altercation with Draymond Green

Normally, I wouldn’t discuss things like this, but I couldn’t pass this up. According to reports, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson punched Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. The incident took place at LeBron James’s ESPYS afterparty.

Jason Owens of Yahoo Sports says the rumors have been around for two weeks. The rumors were that two NBA players were involved in an altercation,but it was never specified who. Now, multiple reports say it was Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green.

Jason McIntyre of the Big Lead reported the rumors without naming names. But, he has now given further details on the incident. McIntyre said that┬áDraymond tried to apologize to Tristan for what happened after Game 4 of the finals. Thompson said “nah man”. Green tried to apologize again, but Tristan Thompson punched him. Green tried to make peace, but Thompson wasn’t hearing it. LeBron James and Kevin Durant stepped in to deescalate the situation.

When I first heard this I didn’t believe it. But, more reports started to circulate. The incident is more than likely a continuation of their incident in the NBA Finals. Green even told Thompson to “meet him in the streets” after the Game 4 incident. Jason Owens of Yahoo Sports also reported this in an older article. Well, I guess Thompson took his words literal.

The incident is likely over, but I’m curious how it will play out in the regular season. The Cavs and Warriors only face each other twice (since they are in different conferences). Will Thompson and Green’s beef continue in those games? Or, will it be resolved. If anything, mutual connections will get them together to resolve their issues. If not, the two players could continue with their beef. We’ll see how it pans out when the time comes.